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Your Party, Your Way

Neon Moon brings the cheer to any party or event. For every style and occasion, we provide professional indoor and outdoor alcohol catering.

Our services can be tailored to your needs and desires, and always include all permits, licensing fees, and insurances associated. This saves you time, headache and money while bringing the MOST to your celebration.

Neon Moon Liquid Catering is in the process of remodeling an adorable 8' vintage trailer! In the meantime, we offer an eclectic table display complimenting the decor and theme of the event.

We strive to be a part of change and are thrilled to partner with Flying China to provide unique and elegant glassware as an alternative that allows us to reduce the amount of plastic waste. Consider the elegance and uniqueness this would pose at your event, and join us, as we believe change happens one decision at a time and even the smallest alterations can have a large impact.

For your event, you have the option for Neon Moon Liquid Catering to arrange a hosted bar per your set dollar amount or have your guests pay by the drink. Either way, it will surely be a celebration to remember.

The options below describe the tier of customization desired for your event. Upon inquiry, Julia, with Neon Moon Liquid Catering, will ask any additional questions required in order to send an accurate quote for your party.

We are so excited to celebrate life with you!

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